Saturday, October 17, 2009

Helen Mirren, etc.

Can I just say that, if given the chance I would completely choose to be an old British woman. They just seem to have so much fun. They seem to be prudish and demure, yet inappropiate and too witty for their own sake. It's fantastic to watch.

I've recently become addicted to british television. You can simply look at my netflix queue and know that my heart belongs in Southeast London watching DCI Jane Tennison (Helen Mirren) solve a murder. So, I know that I'm super late in watching this, but Prime Suspect really is enthralling. The British version of a murder mystery isn't like CSI or NCIS where it's caught up in the minutiae of forensic science. It relies on good-old fashioned detective work - from profiling to knocking on doors and asking neighbors. Of course, there are some forensic details thrown in to add to the drama, but I'm fascinated by this show. I am already on season 4 and have 3 more to go! Not to mention, Helen Mirren is gorgeous in every aspect.

The next series I am moving on to is: State of Play. It has so many good actors in it! It was also directed by David Yates(Harry Potter 6). How can this NOT be good?

So, my blog is definitely going to be more about movies and TV. I have an obsession with movies and I can't satisfy my hunger. Dream Job: write movie reviews for the NY Times. A.O. Scott, I am totally gunning for your job.

There is nothing more exciting for me than Fall's Oscar glow. Early contenders:
George Clooney

This movie looks stunning and plays with my inner english major. John Keats, why couldn't you write poetry for me?!

When will this come to Athens?!I love vignettes. It's like as if a poem and a short story came together and made a baby.


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