Wednesday, September 30, 2009


October is tomorrow. Where is my Senior year going? I'm drowning under the amount of work that I have to do: GRE studying, scholarship applications, statement of purpose, approaching mid-terms and regular school work.

我也很想中国。 I'm also feeling some serious nostalgia for China. I'm not too sure why. While I was going through my program, I was lonely and had so much work to do. But, some how being back here has made me miss it. I miss the simplicity of my life there. It had a routine and my daily life, while exhausting, was so rewarding. I also miss my friends that I made there. I guess the stress of trying to figure out what I am doing next year isn't that fulfilling.

Who knew that Blair (Leighton Meester) could sing?

I am in love with this song.

This weather is gorgeous. It makes me want to take long walks and pick apples or collect maple syrup. The leaves are going to start changing soon and it's going to make North Campus even more beautiful. I love fall.

Tonight is another episode of Glee. I am so pumped! At least I have TV to distract me!

Also, can we please talk about how much I love this new Whitney song? This DIVA is back!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back to High School

I am currently in love with Chinese poetics. It's fascinating, really. The way my Classical Chinese teacher talks about Chinese poetry and describes how the different elements within the poems work is intriguing. It's also remarkable how the grammatical structure of a poem reveals Chinese way of thinking and views of the world. I think I am going to do directed reading next semester.

I have to present to my alma mater on Friday. I'm excited as well as a little nervous. I can't remember what I was like at 14/15 and I'm not too sure how to engage my audience. I'm going to talk about my time in China and give them some words of encouragement. I guess, to some extent, I'd like to inspire them and turn their attention to a region of the world they haven't thought about much. I think it'll be a good presentation. I hope someone gets something out of it.

My mom brought me a new recipe leaflet she got. It has some great ideas. I can't wait to try them out soon!

Maybe a delicious Boston Creme Pie?
Or, for dinner, Stuffed Chicken Marsala?

I am excited for the Roosevelt tailgate this Saturday. It should be a good time!

I'm ignoring my massive amount of homework. But, I'll get to it after tonight's episode of Glee!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lazy Sundays...

Today seems like a Coldplay kind of day. It's rainy outside and I have an acute case of the sniffles. Well, more like a cold...complete with a smoker's cough, stuffy nose, and aches and pains. I hope it's nothing more serious.

I should study harder for the GRE. I know the math section will be the death of me. Hopefully, I'll pull it together and come away with a score I'm pleased with.

But, I think I am going to start reserving Sundays for baking days. I really do like cooking, baking, etc. It's a great stress reliever and something I can really focus on. I can just shut out the world and focus on making my cake look perfect. I'm thinking I'll start today. What should I bake? I wish I had some bananas, as I would love to bake some delicious banana bread. But, I think I'll save that for our Roosevelt tailgate on Saturday.

Maybe some monkey bread?

I am pretty excited for fall to get here. I love the cooler weather, the changing leaves, and the lovely colors that surround me as I walk around North Campus. Plus, I really want to try and make my own jam or preserves. It seems kind of hard, but doable. I also think they would make great gifts and I could make them look so cute!
I could put them in a basket and decorate the jars. What a great house-warming gift or a gift for someone who's done something nice for you recently! I'm excited about this project.

I am looking forward to Grey's Anatomy starting this week. Even though George has left the show, I think it's going to be a good season.

I also bought Gossip Girl season 1. Maybe, I'll watch that today as I do some homework and make my powerpoint presentation on China.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Beginnings

I'm really excited to start this new blog. I'll probably be making posts daily, so get ready for them! They'll range from cooking to current events. I hope you all like them.

Right now, I am listening to this Mat Kearney song, "Closer to Love." It's such a beautiful song. It makes me want to drive down the road during sunset. It just evokes such imagery.