Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back to High School

I am currently in love with Chinese poetics. It's fascinating, really. The way my Classical Chinese teacher talks about Chinese poetry and describes how the different elements within the poems work is intriguing. It's also remarkable how the grammatical structure of a poem reveals Chinese way of thinking and views of the world. I think I am going to do directed reading next semester.

I have to present to my alma mater on Friday. I'm excited as well as a little nervous. I can't remember what I was like at 14/15 and I'm not too sure how to engage my audience. I'm going to talk about my time in China and give them some words of encouragement. I guess, to some extent, I'd like to inspire them and turn their attention to a region of the world they haven't thought about much. I think it'll be a good presentation. I hope someone gets something out of it.

My mom brought me a new recipe leaflet she got. It has some great ideas. I can't wait to try them out soon!

Maybe a delicious Boston Creme Pie?
Or, for dinner, Stuffed Chicken Marsala?

I am excited for the Roosevelt tailgate this Saturday. It should be a good time!

I'm ignoring my massive amount of homework. But, I'll get to it after tonight's episode of Glee!


  1. I LOVE GLEE! And you can make me stuffed chicken marsala anytime you get ready to Mr. Aaron! :)

  2. Want to send me that chicken marsala recipe?! I'm cooking for some people next week and it looks amazing- or- I love other suggestions- everything I've had that you've made has been fantastic!